Glass Sculptures by Hasna Sal

From rousing symphonies to detailed oil paintings, art is a catalyst that releases the mind of the observer to go beyond what can be seen or heard in the piece. To capture movement in stillness and emotion in inhuman objects is the aim for many artists across all mediums. The glass sculptures made by Hansa Sal display a gamut of moods and emotions through the use of light, shape, and color. As a medium, glass architecture and glass fixtures offer unique opportunities to convey mood and capture the power of color’s effect on human emotions. It has been understood since the first stained glass windows punctuated the ornate architecture of cathedrals, that the light pouring through colored glass adds a new layer to the piece, as though its body is the glass work itself and its spirit is projected through the light.

Hansa Sal’s glass sculptures and fixtures also have a layered or three-dimensional element that gives her pieces the added layer of movement. As though he subjects are jumping off the “canvas.”

Hansa Sal: Meet the Artist

It doesn’t take an accomplished art curator to notice and appreciate the elements of dance that are present in Hansa’s glass sculptures. Hansa herself is a dancer and many of the tonalities and emotions that can be displayed through dance are also present in her glass fixtures and designs. In fact, her work with glass isn’t backed by just one other medium. Sal has spent a career working in pastels, watercolor, oils, acrylics, and architecture. As a glass sculptor, Hansa’s hunger for artistic expression is all the more apparent.

However, even though this artist has an impressive educational and experiential pedigree, Hansa Sal’s work is approachable and can be a wonderful experience for both Art veterans and novices alike. This makes her work excellent for interior design and her glass fixtures and wall displays can be a wonderful addition to the home as well as a gallery.  

Types of Glass Sculptures

With experience in fine art and architecture, Hansa Sal brings a unique perspective to interior design and many of her glass sculptures and fixtures are excellent additions to buildings and architecture. Here are a few of Hansa’s project styles:

  • Wall hangings are a more traditional home art option. The simple, self-contained, and are displayed in the same way you might display an oil painting.
  • Wall installations are a unique blend of color and light. Whether they come with their own light source incorporated into the piece or they rely on ambient lighting, these installations combine the look and feel of a two-dimensional painting with the layering and translucency that can only come from glass.
  • Wall sculptures are the most complex of the wall-hung pieces. While they still utilize light and color, they also advance into three-dimensional space. This gives them a more pronounced and delicate look.
  • Glass sculptures fully utilize three-dimensional space and can be hung under lights or high up to project light and illuminate the room. They can also be placed on tables as centerpieces.

Explore the online gallery on for examples of Hansa Sal’s work and learn more about this artist and medium.

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