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New York, NY 10001
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JUNE 17-AUGUST 22, 2017 Exhibit
“Mid-Summer Night’s Dream” Soiree Saturday, June 24 3:00-5:00 pm

Glass Sculptures by Hasna Sal: An International Art Phenomenon

Glass-Sculptures-by-Hasna-Sal-An-International-Art-Phenomenon Glass Sculptures by Hasna Sal: An International Art Phenomenon
Glass sculpture is functional art, and it is a phenomenon that is encircling the globe. With gorgeous, colorful pieces that work as three-dimensional wall art, sinks, plates, lamps, and more, this is an artistic investment that will pay off in a myriad of ways. Glass sculptures by Hasna Sal have become an International sensation—with exhibitions and galleries all over the world, people cannot stop talking about this modern take on interior design. These glass sculptures by Hasna Sal are inspired by the human spirit, and her delicate artistry and innovative designs work for whatever aesthetic you are creating in your home.

Barcelona Exhibition

In May of 2017, we brought glass sculptures by Hasna Sal to Barcelona for the International Hartexpo 2017. In this gorgeous city, you are immersed in the art and culture of some of the most famous and renowned artists from the Cubist, Impressionist, Modern, and Post-Modern movements; this is the city where they grew up and developed their skill. Just as Hasna Sal’s glass art is inspired by the human spirit, so these artists were inspired by the spirit and nature within this breathtaking city. That is why it was so exciting to bring the glass sculptures by Hasna Sal to this iconic city—these movements have greatly defined much of today’s art world. At this exhibition, we were able to show pieces like Amore, a gorgeous wall sculpture featuring two lovers in an embrace, their bodies at an angle that reflects the wavy backdrop.

Amsterdam Whitney Exhibition

From June 17 to August 22, glass sculptures by Hasna Sal were hung in Chelsea, at New York’s International Fine Art Incorporation. New York City’s art world holds a global appeal—here we were able to connect with people visiting from all over the world, ready to explore art and feel inspired by new movements. Our glass sculptures by Hasna Sal were definitely ready to inspire—with our three-dimensional wall pieces on display, visitors were able to take in our pieces inspired by the body’s expressions, with the curving body expressing the mysteries and unpredictability of life in “Ennui”, or the various bodies in different poses of contemplation in “Musings”.

The beauty of these pieces on the body is its universal relatability. With each piece, there were forms of expression that we all experience, around the globe. These glass sculptures by Hasna Sal were a moment for human connection.

Glass-sculptures-by-Hasna-Sal-are-a-moment-for-human-connection Glass Sculptures by Hasna Sal: An International Art Phenomenon

Global Reach

From our home case in Kansas, we have found an international community interested in glass sculptures by Hasna Sal. In India, our sculptures have been translated into a jewelry collection being sold in two boutiques—one in Kochi, the other in a retail store in Bangalore. With designs that are inspiring, engaging, and sometimes functional pieces for your home, glass sculptures by Hasna Sal are changing the way art functions. We ship internationally, so stop by our website at, or call us at (913) 940-7930 for more details. Look out for our unique glass work by Hasna Sal worldwide in one of Glass Concepts 360’s galleries and exhibitions.

Always remember “Magic Happens When Design Ideas Becomes Alive in Shapes of Glass”

Magic-Happens-When-Design-Ideas-Becomes-Alive-in-Shapes-of-Glass Glass Sculptures by Hasna Sal: An International Art Phenomenon