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Glass Concepts 360

Sculptor Hasna Sal studied fine art in England and Wales for four years, dabbling in a myriad of media including pastels, water colors, oils, acrylics, etc. She conducted an exhibition of watercolor renderings at the Royal Cornwall museum in 1997. She then relocated to Boston, MA and completed a five year professional degree program in architecture and urban design, afterwhich she moved to Kansas in 2002. Hasna then worked as an architect and taught design studio at the University of Kansas; here she confronted the final frontier of her career—the craft of glass sculptures. Hasna is also a dancer, and incorporates the movement and feeling of movement in her sculptures, utilizing storytelling techniques and fusing different concepts and techniques. She has been learning and sculpting glass since 2004. She was later accepted into Harvard for a postgraduate degree in landscape architecture. Glass Concepts 360 is a uniquely individual collection of glass sculptures inspired by the natural ethereal world. Sculptor Hasna uses glass as a medium to articulate the intricacies and expressions of material and conceptual form.

11273 South Lakecrest Dr., Olathe, KS 66061




We salute you on the dynamic interplay of movement and 3 Dimensional space in "POINSETTIA'" and how you capture a dramatic moment and emote an intense psychological portrayal. Your profound "CASCADING MAPLE LEAVES" viscerally challenges the viewer to a high level of emotional response and illustrates a vibrant visual intensity.Your SCULPTURES are a triumph of personal expression which radiate an intense human empathy for life.
Amsterdam W.

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