Sea Life

This idea took root in my mind from the musical “The Little Mermaid”.
I envisioned a kingdom of sea creatures in glass and the ceiling becoming
the sea. I decided to suspend the glass sculptures by stainless steel
threads, to give it movement and buoyancy. And I tried to keep them
close to the light fixtures because glass and light are like rain and
wind- they look beautiful when they are together.
I’ve created 31 glass sea sculptures, making them the subjects of the kingdom
of King Triton. These include a family of three sea turtles, a
mommy sting ray and baby stingray, three seahorses, a baby whale,
three sea anemones, a mommy octopus and baby octopus, eight corals, two jellyfish, and seven starfish Movement and undulating forms have been
key features in the creation of this composition . Under the sea,
nothing is ever static , and there is energy and flow in every element ,
and that has been the thrust of this design.