Poetics of form and function

Handcrafted glass sinks designed with a theme rooted in nature. Nature is fundamental to the human soul; these sinks celebrate the memory or feeling of the natural environment through elements such as sunlight, water, flowers, forest etc.

Each sink is sculpted with multiple layers of glass fused at varying temperature, with carefully calculated permutations and combinations for resolving structural issues such as temperature gradient, heat shelf, annealing and denitrification, to create luminous and sturdy receptacles for water. Each layer of glass is individually designed and constructed as a sculptural panel in itself, and after multiple firings, all layers are fused together in successive series to create the final product.

The sinks are fused over long lengths of time to form density of upto one inch or more, so that when light passes through the many layers of glass, light bends and creates soft hues of color that make the sinks glow with intricate details. Amalgamating function and aesthetics, these sinks transcend their utilitarian needs to transform the space around them into a kaleidoscope of color and radiance.

Each sink is uniquely handcrafted in multiple kilns in the artist’s studio in Kansas USA through processes of casting, torchworking, etching, silk screening and kilnforming, and the final product after weeks of labor is one of a kind; it bears irregularities owing to the individualistic nature of each process involved in its making. These irregularities set each sink apart as a unique and original work or art. These sinks cannot be duplicated or replicated; they are a collectible for glass lovers and connoisseurs of art.