Handcrafted glass filigrees designed with a theme rooted in nature and the universe. These filigrees celebrate life through elements such as sunlight, water, islands, celestial bodies etc. Each shard of glass is carefully melted at 2000 degrees and patterns are created following a spontaneous flow of molten glass. The product is process driven; the process is not product driven. The patterns are created over long lengths of time by interweaving glass in multiple ways to make it structurally sound. When light passes through the layers of glass, light bends and creates soft hues of color that make the filigrees glow with varying depth, also creating colorful moving shadows in space.

Each filigree is uniquely handcrafted in the artist’s studio in Kansas USA through the process of torchworking, and the final product after weeks of labor is one of a kind; it bears irregularities owing to the nature of the craft involved in its making. These irregularities set each filigree apart as a unique and original work or art. These filigrees cannot be duplicated or replicated; they are a collectible for glass lovers and connoisseurs of art.