Colors of the Sea

A tribute to Florida, my most favorite place on earth. I have created these colors and forms, melting glass at 2000 degrees in my studio in Kansas, where it is cold and snowing and bleak; where the trees hunker over, bare, and all the leaves crushed and withering under harsh muddy snow. In my mind, I am in the paradise of Florida- the cerulean, cobalt and turquoise waters that play against each other while the sun’s loving rays caress them like a mother’s warm hand upon her playful children. Florida is the epitome of life and warmth and enchanting beauty that manifests in its pearlesque waters, and I capture these rich, rewarding moments in my installation entitled ‘Colors of the Sea’.

Title: ‘Colors of the Sea’ Installation
Size: entire construct – 20 ft long 3 ft 2 in. High Component filigrees – 9 in ~ 14 in.
Place: Seasons Condominiums. Ft Lauderdale FL
Date: Dec 6, 2018

Similar installation can be requested.